EcwCMS is a CMS (Content management system) developed by the management and some of the community of It is completely customisable at the user end, with the ability to create templates in the admin panel, modify them, and choose which template to apply to which pages. The current version features:

Creation and modification of templates, being able to choose which template different pages use
Ability to create and protect pages, and to set pages to redirect to other locations
Different administration user levels, and management of users able to access protected pages
Upload management system, with shortcuts avaible for inclusion in pages
Creation of custom shortcuts, allowing the user to insert content or code they use across several different pages in a single word, and modify it centrally
Easy modifcation of a navigation bar site wise (navigation bar optional)
Customisation of the ways navigation links are displayed per template, and ability to show a link differently if the page it links to is the one being displayed.
Ability to use PHP code in both template and any content output
Highly customiseable admin permissions, administrators can be restricted to certain sections, and if they can edit pages, restricted to which pages they have permissions to edit
EcwCMS is not a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, it requires knowledge of HTML or XHTML to create and maintain templates. If you are not sure exactly how to work certain areas of the admin panel, or modify a template page to work with EcwCMS don't hesitate to ask on our forums.



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